Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Week #1 Progress

Hope the MAF prayer points are keeping you all busy. Week 1 is progressing well and we have a steady stream of kids running the airstrip as well as a few “older” kids. 


Thanks for your prayers for young Nomi as well. This is the girl that we found on our walk out to Lapalama who had no easy way out and not in great condition. We took a two hour drive in the ambulance on Wednesday and successfully met up with her on one of the mountain ranges on the other side of Lapalama. The doctor here in Kompiam has confirmed that she has Osteomyelitis which is an infection of bone and can be very serious. She looks pretty good in the picture below, but was not too well by the time we got back to the hospital. She’s been on a drip and medications and recovering well. They will do x-rays today and decide if she needs an operation on the leg.  


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